Prechter Calls For Biggest Bear Market In 300 Years, Lol.

Robert Prechter of Elliot Wave International is apparently calling for the biggest bear market in 300 years!

I think he can do better.  Therefore, I hereby declare that this bear market will be the worst in one thousand years.  Scratch that, one MILLION years.  This bear market will sear the your skin from your flesh and gouge out your precious eyes from their sockets.  Sulfur soaked $100 bills will rain from helicopters destroying your near-cured buffalo carcasses that serve as the only form of legal tender in my apocalyptic once-in-a-million-year-bear-market ™.  Come to my website for salvation and to beg forgiveness for participating in the current credit driven tragedy that is our soon to be destroyed economy.

Here are some other Precter wonder-calls from the recent history:

Forecasting Folly

“I predicted 24 of the last 2 bear markets and all I got was this lousy article”

Stay short, Bob.  Stay short.  One day you’ll be proven right.

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