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We are releasing a very cool and innovative financial analysis tool in a couple of months.  I’m very proud of the work we’ve put into it.  It’s a killer product and I’m confident that it will help with every aspect of your trading and investing.

There’s one big problem.  We need a name and I don’t have time to come up with one.  If you’re creative or have a knack for naming products then you can help me.  I don’t want to use a traditional agency or crowdsourcing service because those people don’t understand trading and will likely waste my time and money.  My proposition is simple: email me name suggestions and if I use yours, or even if your suggestion leads me to the winning name I will paypal you $250 cash and give you a 6-month membership to the site.


  • DO NOT use the comments section or twitter for submissions: email
  • The .com URL must be freely available
  • Nothing super long
  • Can be both a new word (i.e. or a descriptive phrase (i.e. “”)
  • Feel free to promote and share with other people you know

Product brief:

User enters a symbol and other descriptive criteria based on event, time, pattern, technical analysis filter, seasonality, etc.  The software fetches every similar instance from the historical record and runs them through an algorithm to give you a probability weighted set of outcomes.

The name will be used as the primary domain and the name of the algorithm.

I can email you a list of keywords if you’re seriously interested in tackling the problem.  If there are a couple decent names I will hold a poll to vote on the winner.

Email me with any questions.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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