Fiverr: Market Solutions for Modern Dating

File this under “Markets in Everything.”  There appears to be a thriving market for enterprising woman/profile farmers pimping out short-term virtual relationships on on social media sites like Facebook.  Check out these postings pulled from Fiverr:

I will be your cute girlfriend for a week on Facebook for $5

I will be “in a relationship” with you on facebook for a day for $5

I will write flirty comments on your facebook to make girls jealous for $5

I will be you facebook girlfriend for one week for $5

I will be your Facebook girlfriend for 7 Days and write on your wall for $5


If you set aside the obvious lulz and strong suspicion that this premise will be rehashed as a Hollywood romantic comedy plot line, this reinforces the notion that the market can fill any demand.  Who knew this even existed?  Is this actually effective for the young men who employ these services?  Nothing like awkward broken-English flirting inserted between the Fantasy Football updates in your stream to show your ex how much better off you really are without her.

Check out the results for yourself: Fiverr Search facebook+jealous


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