A Lululemon Christmas

Quick observation from the anecdotal data section of the Christmas tree.  While doing the rounds and visiting with relatives on Christmas morning one trend stood out.  Every single female member of my family received at least on item from $LULU this Christmas.  Every.  Single.  One.  No brand dominated Christmas as much as $LULU in my household.  I wanted to snap a pic of all the gear in one place but the lulu-addicted ladies never let the swag hit the floor.

I’m not an investor in $LULU and have only a passive interest in this stock.  I find Lulu’s cherry-picked philosophy of the well fed (John Galt meets Yoga?) somewhat contrived, but it must be working.  The products purchased in my family ranged from hoodies and iconic yoga pants to running jackets — all of them ridiculously overpriced.  It may be that the women in my family just happen to be in the target Lululemon demographic, but if my Christmas tree is any indicator $LULU is in for a big quarter.

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