Turnaround Tuesday Works In Reverse

The last couple turnaround Tuesdays have been filled with relentless buy programs hitting stops all the way up the ladder.  Yesterday we saw the opposite as the market got spooked by Euro-zone rumors.  Let’s take a look as some similar weekly patterns where we had a strong up day on Monday followed by a turnaround to the downside on Tuesday (or in the case of a holiday Monday, push a day).

These are the best examples since 2001 courtesy of the new toolAnything can happen and there is no predicting the future but if history is your guide, Wednesday usually marks a low for the week.

This week (so far):

January 17, 2011 week (holiday Monday but pattern fits):

November 22, 2010 week (Thanksgiving Week):

March 21, 2005 week (holiday Friday):

April 19, 2004:

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