Investors in ‘Rozay, LLC’ To Be Made Whole


At 1250 on the $SPX those who followed the Rick Ross school of investing will officially be made whole.  And why shouldn’t they?  This is the new cordial bear market after all, where everyone has a chance to escape alive.  1225 was a a critical level to clear for the bulls and we’ve solidly validated the first objective of 1231.  The next big objective is 1274 (!).  I’ll try and make some more sense of the market this weekend.  I’ve gotta say, being bearish is lame – but I can’t fight the feeling that the bull of ’09-’10 is done, dead and buried.  We need some time and real lows for the next bull run to take hold.

My (super smart) trading partner and I have been busy this week working on a new pattern recognition algo.  This has the potential to be serious game changing stuff.  Question: is facial recognition technology currently used for any financial applications?  Think BIG DATA.

In all seriousness, #prayforRickRoss.  I hope he’s okay.

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