Historical Precedent: FOMC Announcements

Here are the charts of the last six FOMC Announcement days.  I remember these being much more volatile in years past.  Maybe the market is getting better at anticipating Fed actions.  Or maybe this is just the new improved more transparent Fed.

As you can see, the market typically marks time before the big 2:15PM announcement and then the fireworks start.  Even if the “fireworks” are little more than a couple roman candles.  In April and June we hardly even got a sparkler.

Try not to get too chopped up out there.  These days can be unpredictable.

August 9, 2011:

June 22, 2011:

April 27, 2011:

March 15, 2011:

January 26, 2011:

December 14, 2010:

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