Epic, Relentless Selling

It felt as though there was another shoe to drop all day long.  Stocks were sold wholesale by emotionless algos from the opening bell to the closing print.  I spent the whole day asking myself, “What do these robots know that I don’t?”  Traders got hurt today, including myself.  Unless you were 100% short, chances are you did too.  Today had a whiff of capitulation but I don’t feel like I saw whites of their eyes yet, if you know what I mean.

Sentiment has changed for the worse and I don’t know if the bull can recover.  The bull market may have simply run its course, because today was not a bull market tape.  When the market comes unhinged you will find no answers in your charts, research reports or proprietary studies.  Robots or otherwise, we’re trading on pure emotion and will continue to do so (both up and down) until there is clarity or an exigent event behind us.  Or if Dr. Bernanke makes an announcement.

Do not take risks you cannot afford.

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