Greetings From The Far East

I’m currently staying at a friend’s palace-like private residence in Kuala Lumpur.  Our hosts recently got called away to Shanghai where they’re designing one of the most ambitious apartment developments I’ve ever heard of.  So, my wife and I have the place all to ourselves.

My recent travels have left a huge impact on me.  I’ve been to Shanghai, Singapore, and now KL.  One thing that I’ve noticed is that the Asian consumer is out in FULL FORCE.  There is evidence of prosperity and growth everywhere you look.  As crazy as it seems, the Asian consumer makes his American counterpart look like a prudish miser.  It really must be seen to be believed.

My anecdotal evidence suggests that you have to be a huge bull on China (and all of Asia), especially given the recent pessimism surrounding the reverse-merger debacle.  I’m not a huge directional player but I feel we’ll look back at this period as an amazing buying opportunity and wonder why we all missed out.

I just checked in with the futures for the first time and it looks like we’ve rallied hard since I left.  This market seems specifically tailored to frustrate the bears at every turn.

I’ll be posting very sporadically for the next two and a half weeks while I finish up this tour.  Please be patient.

Bullish: S&P 500 stocks, China, Oil.

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