The RIMM vs AAPL Relationship Revisited

Back in June 2010 I posted about the trend in the spread between $RIMM and $AAPL:

$RIMM announced earnings yesterday after the close.  Here is the spread between $RIMM and $AAPL since February.  The spread has shifted so much that To balance the spread seen above I’m using almost 6 shares of $RIMM to every 1 share of $AAPL!  I’ll let the chart speak for itself as far as the market’s feeling about $RIMM’s roadmap for competing with the iPhone and Android.

NOTE: Today’s move represents -3.5 times the expected range.

Fast forward one year and you can see that the trend is still very much in tact.  Same story: $RIMM can’t compete with iPhone or Android.  I’m a mean reversion guy but this is a reminder to pay attention to technological trends and macro factors.  If you were scalping back then you would have survived, but if you were waiting for a big move, you’d have been crushed.  Everything mean reverts eventually, you just might not like where the mean is when it does.

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