Tough To Get Excited About Summer Trading

I live for the markets.  I love the challenge of trading and competing everyday.  That said, I cannot get excited about trading this summer.

I left for a short vacation eight days ago and the market is still in exactly the same place.  If you’re a retail trader you need to be aware that professionals are just going to pick your pocket all summer as you “bet” on which way the market will go.  I’m begging you not to listen to those prophesying panic, mayhem, death, and destruction.  If you believe in the lack of planetary sustainability you should be in some remote area of the Pacific Northwest with a greenhouse, solar panels and a diesel generator, not in front of a computer trading the markets.  If we get a volatility spike, then it’s game on and it will be a traders market all summer.  Until then, the markets are thin and you have to keep the powder dry.

I’m currently in a period of great transition in both my personal and professional life.  There are several exciting projects moving forward that I would love to share, and will in due time.

I have no interest in active trading right now.  None.  I’ll still highlight some setups as the week progresses.  I feel there’s a strong probability of higher equity prices in the face of deep global uncertainty.


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