The Bull Market Is Dead, Long Live The Bull Market

Are you comfortably bearish yet?  Are you cozy and smug about it?  Are you peppering your dinner party conversation with words like “sovereign” and “default.” It must feel good to know that your cynicism and just-prudence is now paying dividends.  Just know that betting against the market and the men with guns only works for so long.  The game is rigged against the rational, the libertarian, the Austrian.  I do not pretend to be a grand macro strategist but I can tell you exactly what will happen in the coming days and weeks.  Greece and Ireland will either restructure their debt or get bailed out with a hilarious sum of money.  The entire world will let out a collective, OMFG.  The stock market will go “Woosh” to the downside.  A bunch of pundits will get on TV and sell scenarios that will never occur.  Then we will get on with the great lie that is society, life, and the economy– and the stock market will go up.  Way more than you think it can.  Then when all this is forgotten and we least expect it, it will go down again.

If this doesn’t happen, and Greece is really the tipping point of this whole ponzi scheme.  Then we won’t need roads where we’re going.

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