What Happens In Spring 2011 Will Rule The Fate Of Traders For 50 Years

I’m currently on doctors orders to leave my desk and perform mindless tasks and then take a nap at least once per day.  Mid-day today I found myself driving to Home Depot with the air conditioning and rap music on full.

I started stepping off the gas a few weeks ago.  I’m glad I did, because this market is both as boring and confusing as it can be right now.  I’m okay admitting that I don’t have a good read one way or the other at this point in time.  QE2 is coming to an end and another may begin.  Social media stocks are putting in intraday doubles.  Terror masterminds are getting taken out by Special Forces.  Chinese accounting frauds are uncovered daily.  Silver is on a psychotic roller coaster.  The head of the IMF is up on RAPE charges.  What do you think you know about the next chapter in stock market history that I’m missing?

It’s hard to admit that you don’t know what’s going to happen next.  I can confidently say that the market will open tomorrow, and the day after that.  It will be there when you’re ready.  Always remember that there are several positions you can take as a trader: long, short, and flat.  Knowing when to do less, or do nothing is as important as knowing when to do something.

Here a couple charts I’m interested in.  Some of which I have positions in.





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