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Welcome to the next chapter in the Dynamic Hedge saga — the StockTwits years.  First off, I’d like to welcome any new readers and let you know what this blog is all about.

You will not find any of the typical squiggly lines on my charts.  Technical analysis may work for some, but teacups, wedgies, and abandoned babies just aren’t my thing.  I strive to augment and model flat price action through various relationships so that I’m looking at the market through a different lens than my competitors.  I’m a spread trader but I don’t strictly trade spreads.  I view everything through the lens of relative value.

I use a hybrid of algorithmic and fundamental analysis rooted in auction market theory.  All algorithmic models are custom built.  I respect that markets are dynamic and try to avoid pigeonholing myself as strictly value or growth orientated.  Everything has its day in the sun and I can switch between value and growth based on mechanical quantitative signals.

I’m a contrarian but never C.O.I.F. I do my best to identify and capitalize on dislocation or overly emotional moves in stocks and the broad market.

I feel that investor sentiment is the primary driver of markets.  It lies wholly outside the realm of math and quantitative methods.  This is the where the computer stops and pure trader skill starts.  It’s all Chicago and it comes from thousands of hours of screen time and constantly talking to other traders.

I’m a trader: not an economist, policy wonk, or concerned citizen.  I’m only here to give you a view of the  market from a trader’s perspective plus any other random thoughts I feel like sharing.  There will be no moral outrage or indignation to build a cult of personality.  I don’t really care if he was born in Kenya.

I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface with this website.  I’m looking forward to sharing and collaborating as the journey continues.

Special thanks goes out to Phil Perlman, Howard Lindzon, Josh Brown, Tadas Viskanta, and the whole Stocktwits team.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should ever be considered to be advice, research or an invitation to buy or sell any securities, please click here for a full disclaimer.

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