The Market Don’t Care Like It Used To

This post is fire.  There’s blood all over the page.  I wholeheartedly agree that we are living in a special time for market participants.  It’s unlikely going forward that we’ll ever experience as beneficial or life-altering learning experiences as the last three years.

When allowed to truly function on its own capitalism is a cruel, heartless, but remarkably efficient bitch.  The weak ultimately perish and the strong survive.  For the strong the rewards are great.  For the weak the losses are insufferable.  And in this world of cruelty you must never forget that the system has no sympathy for you or your emotions…

…As investors we are always learning, evolving and honing our skills in order to avoid the pitfalls that cause so many to self destruct. Few investment cycles have been as great a learning experience as this one.  We live in a renaissance for economic thought, economic theory and investment.  It’s unlikely that we will experience as many beneficial learning experiences as the most recent cycle.  And while this environment continues to cause great pain there are also great lessons to be learned.

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