Looking Ahead

I’ve been busy wrapping up some things into the close of 2010 and preparing for the first quarter of 2011.  If you didn’t start planning your January three weeks ago, you are probably in deep trouble.  A New Year means new opportunity for the prepared few.

While I’ve got you here, I feel that muni bonds and high yield are going to be of great interest in the early part of the year.

Nobody really understands the muni market.  That’s where the volatility will be.

Christie Says `Day of Reckoning’ Has Arrived for States Facing Budget Gaps (Bloomberg)

Whitney’s Doomsday Comments Draw Fire From Muni Bond Supporters (CNBC)

I’ve got some big plans for my trading next year.  Automation and an entirely new strategy are in the works.

I’m working on a few longer posts, but it’s a quiet part of the year and I will be on vacation in a few days.  Family time is important.  Posts may be infrequent.

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