Best Rap, 2010

For the hip hop fans out there Cocaine Blunts has compiled their list of best rap of 2010.  They made some interesting choices (warning, there are some unlistenable tracks in there), and left a few of my favorites off the list.

Apart from a handful of triumphs in the upper reaches of this list, major label rap has been a complete mess this year. Several long standing rap icons – particularly the once holy ATLien trinity of Jeezy, T.I. and Gucci – have fallen to relative irrelevance on both creative and commercial levels. Many of the rappers who have found success have done so with records where the act of rapping is an afterthought or even nonexistent. They are now stars who rap, not rap stars.

But forget those bums. This is the Best Rap list. There is no Drake. Other notable omissions include, but are not limited to: aging New Yorkers who have had more major deals than major hits; teenagers from Dallas or LA who keep giving different names to the same goddamn dances and won’t get off my lawn; autistic youtube sensations; dead men whose voices live on in the name of dollars; white people who aren’t wolves or bugs; bloggers turned rappers; child actors turned rappers; children of rappers turned rappers; 40 year old rappers who talk about Gucci; children who act like 40 year old rappers who talk about Gucci; 40 year old rappers who hate both children and Gucci; children who act like 40 year old rappers who hate children and Gucci; Juggalos; Canadians; South Africans and J. Cole.

Read the list:

BEST RAP, 2010 (Cocaine Blunts)

UPDATE: Here are some additional “Best Of 2010” lists.  Good stuff.

Jay-Z – The Amazing Shawn Carter (Best of 2010)

Rick Ross – Boss (Best of 2010)

Curren$y – Gettin’ and Jettin’ (Best of 2010)

Wiz Khalifa – Soy Khalifa (Best of 2010)

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