SPY Lotto

Earlier today I watched and posted the NYSE Imbalances to my Twitter account and then headed to the airport.  When I landed at my destination I logged onto my trading workstation and was greeted by the following messages:

I know a lot of people that religiously envelope the closing prints in a huge list of stocks hoping for pricing anomalies.  Oddball prints can be instantaneously profitable.  When you get a good one it’s like hitting the lotto.  Today, the SPY printed one of these anomalies.  It filled around 7MM shares at 106.46!  You can bet that there were a lot of traders who were happy with their fill (and an equal amount that were absolutely PISSED).

I can imagine the reaction of the profitable ones:

And you can imagine what the guys on the other side of the trade were thinking:

And in the end it was all for not:

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