Believe In A Billion

A billion dollars used to be a lot of money.  Before the days of TARP and trillion dollar bailouts, a billion meant something.  You could stand behind a billion.  Call me corny, but I still believe in a billion, especially when I’m told straight up that someone has a billion dollars worth of stock to buy in the next 15 minutes.

On August 31, 2010 I told you that there was someone who wanted to buy a billion worth of stock in the next 15 minutes.  I broadcast the number for all to see at 3:47 ET.  I wish I could be quicker, but I have a certain responsibility to my own trading.

Everyone out there is busy chasing detrended-reregressioned-super-momentum oscillators, fibonacci clusters and other squiggly lines up and down their charts all day and no one wants to look at pure supply and demand.  Despite what you may read  about robots trading away your future one nano second at a time, some traders and fund managers still have to find liquidity and do business in big size.  As in, month-end mutual fund size.  As traders and investors we don’t have to swing at every pitch.  When someone says they need to buy a billion dollars worth of stock at a discount, I tend to listen and take a swing, because it’s a fat pitch.  If you listened to that billion dollar message you did quite well.

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