Headlines August 10 2010 FOMC Edition

Here is what’s in the Google Reader this week.

Well, Looks Like we Got QE Lite (MarketBeat)

If You Tax Something, You Get Less of It (Carpe Diem)

Ten Stock-Market Myths That Just Won’t Die (WSJ)

Bankers Party Like Recession Didn’t Happen (SKY News)

Gurus and Incredible Certitude (CXO Advisory)


The Aspiring Mariah Carey of the Hedge Fund World (Deal Journal)

Ahmadinejad says expects U.S. to attack MidEast soon (Reuters)

Versus Underdog Commercial (Big Picture)

The Art of Printing Secrets (Re: Wikileaks) (Slate)

Goldman Sachs: Unemployment is Going Back to 10% (MarketBeat)

Alan Greenspan: Two Economies (Big Picture)

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